Miguel Live in Concert

Miguel at Harlow’s Nightclub in Sacramento, California

A while ago, I attended a concert by singer Miguel in Sacramento. He stepped onto the stage looking like a rock star: sporting a Mohawk-type haircut, several fashion accessories, and a heavily zippered white jacket. Miguel opened with “Strawberry Amazing” off his mixtape The Mischief. He was accompanied by a band of an electric guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist, and a drummer. The concert took place at Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Sacramento, California. On this night, this nice small venue was filled without being overcrowded with a close ratio of women to men. A large majority of these women were gathered near the stage.

Although relatively new to the mainstream, Miguel (Jontel) performed with the confidence of an established rock star. Compared to earlier performances (which I’ve seen online), Miguel’s stage presence and body language were more refined. His Prince influence was apparent throughout his performance: quick spins, swinging his light-studded microphone stand, and making the ladies scream by singing on the floor during songs like “Teach Me” and “Quickie”. Miguel also created a sense of wardrobe changes by taking off his jacket and alternating between wearing his sunglasses.

Miguel made smooth transitions from uptempo songs like ”To The Moon“ to his slow jams like “Sure Thing.”  Throughout the show, the audience responded well to his energetic and passionate performance. His set list also included “Girls Like You,” a U2-sounding track and an untitled new song about self-love. Miguel closed the show by singing his most famous song to date, All I Want Is You, the title track his debut album.

Overall, Miguel’s performance at Harlow’s was awesome! I am now a bigger fan because of his electric performance. He utilizes the various elements of his craft (i.e. singing, music, showmanship, and wardrobe) to make powerful artistic expression. I was inspired and motivated by his passion, confidence, enthusiasm and attention to detail. He reminds me to take the same approach in my own creative work.

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